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  1. 因應新冠肺炎疫情尚未趨緩,為考量全校師生健康安全,本校所有課程自5月17日(週一)起皆採行線上教學方式以降低群聚感染的風險。

  2. 校園防疫下週一(5/17)起啟動全面體溫量測體溫正常者取得當日貼紙(每日顏色不同)作為健康辨識,貼於上衣左邊明顯處,才能進入室內空間,以避免群聚感染。
  3. 本校於校門口、各學系、行政單位、學生宿舍等設置體溫量測點,請老師同學每天上課前就近前往量測體溫。量測點查詢:
  4. 防疫期間進入本校校園請主動出示身分證明文件(學生證、教職員證或東海大學Line Bot手機識別證)以供辨識。

  5. 若有發燒情形,請立即配戴口罩就醫,並填報本校健康管理系統 ,若需協助請通報校安中心(04-23509595)或健康中心(04-23590227)。
  6. 請隨時戴口罩、勤洗手,並少出入人多的公共場所。
Dear all,

Please pay attention to the following infromation:
  1. As the spread of COVID-19 has not slowed down, all THU courses will be conducted online from May 17 (Monday) for the safety of all and by reducing infection.
    Currently, online teaching is expected to last until May 30th. Follow-ups and adjustments are subject to the development of the pandemic.
    As for the online platform, teachers use ZOOM or Cisco (please download before the class) and should share the link to students before the class.

  2. As part of campus epidemic prevention, starting Monday (5/17) comprehensive body temperature measurements will be mandatory. Those with normal body temperature will be given a sticker of the day (a different color each day) as a health identification. Only those with the sticker of the day may enter in-door spaces. This process helps to prevent community infection.
  3. The university has set up temperature measuring stations in the school gate, each department and administrative units, and student dorms. Faculty and students are asked to test their body temperatures every day before class. The measurement stations are here:
  4. During the epidemic prevention period, please present your ID (student card, staff card or THU Line Bot ID)when entering the campus.
    If you haven't had a student card or you lost it, please email to CLC.

  5. If you have a fever, please wear a mask immediately and see a doctor. In addition, please also fill out THU Health Management System If you need help, please report to the University Security Center (04-23509595) or Health Center (04-23590227).
  6. Please wear the mask, wash hands often, and avoid crowded venues.
Wishing everyone good health and well-being!