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Central Philosophy─Unity of Study and Instruction, Learning Language from Life

We at the Language Centre see the interaction of real life experience and language study as very important, and hope that our students will use the skills they acquire in their lives. The combination of linguistic expression with linguistic activity is an extremely effective teaching strategy, thus the CLC promotes language instruction that is connected to real life language, based on communication between teacher and students, and which allows students the opportunity to express themselves in real situations.

Aside from language classes, complementary culture classes allow the students to experience Chinese culture firsthand. Drama classes also allow students to engage their bodies in the Chinese language and, through role-play and dramatization, experience otherwise hidden facets of Chinese society, all while improving their language skills. We care deeply about the results of students' study, and we happily assist all of our students to achieve their academic and linguistic goals.



•Rooted in Research
We also believe that the professional development of our instructors is of great importance. Teaching materials and methods must always be appropriate to the evolving present. Instructors of Chinese can learn from various experts regarding the educational questions that they face. Phonemes, vocabulary and meaning are the foundation of language learning, and knowledge of linguistic cognition is a skeleton key to understanding the language acquisition process; it is invaluable when preparing teaching materials and lesson plans. For this reason, the Centre hosts many professional development workshops and presentations, encouraging the mutual development of academic linguistic knowledge and practical pedagogy. The win-win cooperation between language teaching and academic research is a guiding principle of the Centre.