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There is a small medical clinic on Tunghai campus that offers basic medical services. Taichung Veteran's Hospital, Taichung 's largest hospital, is directly across the street from Tunghai and offers complete medical services. Within a ten-minute bus or cab ride from Tunghai are many western and Chinese medical clinics that offer drop-in services.

As for medical insurance, students are advised to purchase accident and medical insurance before coming to Taiwan or join the insurance which is provided by Chinese Language Center (NT$130 per month) . In Taiwan , only students who have held a resident visa for six months are eligible for Taiwanese National Health Insurance.




Name Student Insurance Prospectus
Requirements CLC Students
Every month insurance premium NT$ 180/month;Full paid on the registration day.
Detailed insurance items Download







Name National Health Insurance
  1. The National Health Insurance Act stipulates that foreigners who are legal residents of Taiwan (including those from Hong Kong and Macau) must either be registered in the health insurance program by their employer starting the day they are employed or enroll in the program on their own six months after the day they obtain legal residency.
  2. Foreign students can apply to enroll in the program through their school after a continuous residence within Taiwan for six months.
The principle of National Health Insurance for expats going through immigration:
  •         For Expats whose Alien Resident Certificate within expiration date, if you plan to immigrate over than six months, it will follow the thirty-seventh and thirty-ninth rules of National Health Insurance Law: Firstly, apply withdrawal from the insurance. After going through immigration, you can re-enrollment from it.
  1. To keep insuring: No need to apply. The certificate within expiration date is not limited by departure days so you can keep having insurance and paying for it. If you have any emergent injury, sick or childbirth in other countries, you should can apply refund medical fees you paid in six months from local MOHW (National Health Insurance Administration) business department in where you insure. You should prepare some items including the application for refund medical fees you paid, medical receipt, invoice, certificate of diagnosis and the copy of the latest emigration record on the passport.
  2. If you go through immigration with withdrawal from the insurance, you neither can apply re-enrollment nor refund medical fees you paid during abroad. You can receive the welfare of National Health Insurance only if you apply re-enrollment after you come back to Taiwan. If you would like to go through immigration again, your insurance must have been finished re-enrollment for three months then you can apply withdrawal again.
Reference link Bureau of National Health Insurance