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1. How many semesters are there per year? 
A : There are three semesters per year. The Spring and Fall semesters are each 16 weeks long, and the Summer semester is 8 weeks long.
2. When does each semester start? 
A : Spring term starts in mid-February, Fall term in mid-September, and Summer term in early July.
3. When must tuition be paid? 
A : Tuition must be paid on the day of registration.
4. If my parents haven't given me enough money yet, or if I'm a little short on money, can I pay my tuition a little later? 
A : Tuition must be paid on the date of registration, according to the Centre's policies. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, tuition can be paid within a week of registration.
5. How much is the cost of textbooks and study materials? 
A : A student will use about two or three books a term depending on their needs and classes. Each book costs between five and seven hundred NT.
6. How much is tuition for one on one classes? 
A : For 15 hours of class per week, tuition for Spring and Fall term is NT108000, and NT54000 for summer. These rates are subject to change based on inflation.
7. Exchange students need not pay tuition for five to seven student classes, so long as they take 25 hours of class per week or less. They must pay tuition for classes in excess of 25 hours.
8. I have registered for this semester but I can no longer attend class, can I get a tuition fee refund?
A : If you have attended classes for less than 1/3 of a semester you can get 2/3 of total tuition fees refunded, if you have attended 2/3 of a semester you are eligible for a 1/3 refund, if you are present for more than 2/3 of a semester you are not eligible for a refund.


Registration and the Assignment of Classes
1. What do I need to register?
A : You'll need your passport, and tuition.
2. Can I choose my own teacher? 
A : Our policy is to assign students to the classes that meet their needs.
3. Do I need to take the placement test when I register? 
A : For all students who will enroll Chinese program, there will be an oral test and a placement test to separate them into level-appropriate classes.
4. Is there a deadline for registration? 
A : The registration period for the CLC is the same as for the undergraduate department of Tunghai University .
5. Is it impossible to register after semester-start? 
A : One week after the registration date, registration is impossible due to the requirements of the accounting department.


1. When can I get my certificate? 
A : At the end of the semester, if grades are up to standard, students can apply for a certificate (the exact date will be announced).  If you inform us too late (after the deadline) you will have to pay an additional fee of NT$200 plus any additional postage costs, if required. 
2. How much does a transcript cost? 
A : At the end of the semester, students can apply for a transcript (the exact date will be announced). The first transcript is free of charge if applied before the set deadline. If more transcripts are required, or if an application is received too late (after the deadline), you will have to pay a fee of NT$20 for each transcript.