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EZ Work Taiwan
Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education
National Immigration Agency
Visitor visa and ARC extension & Apply for a ARC
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Apply for Resident visa
Directorate General of Highways
Provide motor vehicle administration
Ministry of Education
Department of International and Cross-strait Education, Ministry of Education
Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission
Tourism Bureau
Taichung City Governmen
Taichung Tourism

Chinese Self-Learning Resource

The Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu (SC-TOP)
Our Land, Our People- the Story of Taiwan
The Taiwan History Learning Resources Platform is based on the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Taiwan History called "Our Land, Our People:The Story of Taiwan", where exhibits, literature , photos, models and replicas are used to present knowledge related to the general history in Taiwan. As a resource offered by the museum's learning center, it provides in-depth readings on the history of Taiwan for the visitors, school teachers, researchers and scholars.
Learning Program for Stroke Order of Frequently Used Chinese Character
Character Order Practice
Confucius Institute Online
Pronunciation Practice
Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System
Welcome to the Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System (RMCTS). This is a computer based multimedia curriculum to supplement First year, Second year, and Advanced Chinese (Third and Fourth year) language instruction at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.
Chinese Grammar · 中文语法
A grammar guide for people learning Mandarin Chinese
Pinyin Practice
Mandarin Pronunciation Exercises and Learning Components
Hanyu Pinyin Program
This Hanyu Pinyin online learning program is specially designed for learners who do not have any experience with Chinese.
Chinese Learner - Learn Mandarin Chinese Online Free
Free Chinese Lessons - Learn Mandarin Chinese with our Free Ccourses
Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language-Pinyin Pronunciation
This introductory lesson to Mandarin Pinyin pronunciation is divided into 7 parts and click the following links (in blue) to start.
Chinese Digger: 學習漢語拼音
介紹我收集的海外學習中文和中文教學資料, 結合中文與數位教學
On-line Chinese Tools
These pages hope to provide tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language. From the novice Chinese language student to the advanced programmer, I hope there is something here for everyone. Rather than being a Chinese language course, it provides tools to people who are already studying and using Chinese.
China Links
Pristine Lexicon
Chinese-English Dictionary
Chinese Characters Dictionary Web
Many of the Chinese dictionaries on the web are interlinked at a character-to-character level, allowing visitors to jump across dictionaries to check the same character entry without having to search again for the character. Find a character in any of the above dictionaries and you can follow the blue links, jumping between more than a dozen dictionaries spread across seven countries and four continents.

Chinese Instructory Resource

ACCESS 全漢字檢索系統
Transfer Characters to Speech Sounds
Digitalized Publication System
本站係針對國中小課程等九大多元領域, 彙編數十萬筆的免費資源平台,護守純淨空間,讓您輕鬆學習!歡迎各界連結與提供教材!
National Council of Associations of Chinese language Schools


  • 東海大學 華語教學中心 華語教師人才庫


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