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Do you know pangolins? Do you know the story between pangolins and Taichung City? What is the relation between Tunghai University and pangolins?

his summer, the Chinese Language Center of Tunghai University will lead kids to learn Chinese and understand the local culture of Central Taiwan happily on the beautiful campus through the combinations of picture books, ecological sustainability and community regeneration.

In addition to language courses, children's picture books will also be used to provide opportunities for kids to look around in the humanistic society and nature of Central Taiwan, and learn how to get along with the community, animals and plants.

Among them, in the nature observation course, students can walk around the campus and explore the mysteries of natural ecology; in the outdoor course, in addition to experiencing tree climbing and learning bee science on campus, kids can also make honey biscuits and vanilla salt bread on their own. In terms of visiting activities, kids will go to the pangolin's home "Nantun District, Taichung City" to experience and understand the local culture.




*The registration is officially open now until June 30th or until the quota is full. Only 30 students are able to participate in this camp!

*Please read the camp regulations carefully before registering. Participants will be deemed to agree with the regulations after the registration.

*How to register: Read the camp regulations carefully -> fill out the Google form -> download the attachments (camp rules and parental consent form) and sign -> email the attachments and student's passport copy and 2"passport photo to -> wait for the center's reply for the payment

For more information of the camp, please find the link below or contact the Chinese Language Center of Tunghai University.

The Chinese Language Center of Tunghai University  Ms. Jamie

Phone number:04-23590259