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In this Spring Semester culture class, we made bubble milk tea together with the students! Although the bubble milk tea we made cannot be consumed, it can be placed at home to fill the environment with the fragrance of essential oils .

Once again, thank you Lykke Handcrafts香氛蠟燭X零廢棄皂. Teacher Tracy came specially from Taipei to bring us wonderful DIY class again. All students transformed into little fragrance masters during the process and made their own bubble tea aroma plates.

In addition to making aroma plates, the teacher also extended the theme to include food and drink, preparing many Taiwanese snacks to introduce to the students. There were not only 乖乖, 蝦味先, 豬耳朵, 真魷味, but also, 滿天星 and玉蜀黍! We later found out that the most popular snack among foreign students was surprisingly  真魷味 (squid-flavored snacks) ~~ This really surprised us as Taiwanese people a lot!