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Who says that we can't visit the northern and southern parts of Taiwan when we are in Taichung! Different from the last semester, this semester, we went to experience a relatively static art activity in Yingge Old Street in New Taipei City. That is, the wheel-throwing.

Before the wheel-throwing, the students first went to the Yingge Ceramics Museum to learn about the local history and the development of pottery. Then for the lunch, they enjoyed the very famous local Wengzai noodles. In the afternoon, the students participated in the workshop of wheel-throwing, which looks simple but is very difficult to operate in practice.

Every student is very impressed by the pottery teacher's skills because they always can easily transform a piece of clay into a container!

We are looking forward to the ceramic works made by the students after 3 months~~~~



            (Picture 1) Visit Yingge Ceramics Museum                                       (Picture 2) Enjoy the lunch time


                                                                 (Picture 3) Students and their works