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We are so grateful to have another group of students from Mahidol University again this summer! We sincerely appreciate to the school for its affirmation and love for us, as well as the assistance and support of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand.

Different from the itinerary in spring, the courses in summer can be said to be more diverse. In addition to climbing trees and making honey biscuits and mochi at Donghai Xiaozhan, the students also had a lot of experiences in Taiwanese culture. For example, Chinese knot making and calligraphy experiencing. Moreover, students even went to Chun Shui Tang to experience bubble tea making!

Undoubtedly, in the short-term program, the Chinese course is a very important part. Many people often say that "to master another language is to have a second soul". In this regard, through intensive Chinese courses and teachers' vivid activity design, students are able to learn a lot of intangible culture and local values of Taiwan.

We have just heard that another group of students will come to Taiwan again this winter! We are very much looking forward to the visit of the teachers and students of Mahidol University again~



     (Picture 1) Bubble milk tea DIY at Chun Shui Tang                                      (Picture 2) Tree climbing


                    (Picture 3) Daily Chinese course                                                  (Picture 4)Chinese knot DIY