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Although we encountered the first cold wave this year during the field trip, the students' enthusiasm for the trip still remained undiminished.

In addition to visiting the Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center to learn more about the development history of the Hakka group, this time, the center also specially reserved a famous Hakka restaurant for students to taste authentic Hakka dishes; in the afternoon, despite the weather was wet and cold, students still visited the famous Qing'an Tofu Street, enjoyed stinky tofu and Hakka rice cake. Moreover, they even went to pick strawberries in the strawberry garden.

We believe such a trip will be a great memory for the students in Taiwan! Also, we hope that students can go explore other places in Taiwan in their free time!



                       (Picture 1) Hakka style lunch                                     (Picture 2) Visit Taiwan Hakka Culture Center


     (Picture 3) Eating stinky tofu at the Qing'an Street                                  (Picture 4) Strawberry picking