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Ministry of Education (R.O.C.) announced that students who intend to study Chinese in Taiwan will be allowed to apply for a special entry visa, and specific administrative procedures have to be followed to apply for the visa. Please abide by the regulations of the Taiwan government and cooperate with us to facilitate a smooth entry process.

※ Please pay attention to the notes and follow the procedure as below: 

1. Students must take Chinese courses for at least two months continuosly and are not able to change their visa types.

2. The two-month tuition fee should be paid at a time before the students arrive in Taiwan.

3.  Students should stay in qualified quarantine hotels for 7 days (8 nights) due to the CDC's (R.O.C.) regulation. The quarantine should be affored by students themselves. During these 7 days, students cannot return to the campus.

4. Students should make sure the personal information which they give to our center is correct. After we receive student's information, we will send them to the Ministry of Education (MOE) for review. Later on, subsequent administrative procedures for students' special entry permit will be facilitated. 

5. After students arrive in Taiwan, they should keep in touch with the center and report their daily physical condition during the quarantine period. Through this way, the center can report your situation onto the epidemic prevention tracking system. Also, during the quarantine period, students need to cooperate with the relevant testing measures stipulated by the Taiwanese government.

6. According to MOE's regulation, students who enter Taiwan with special entry should do quarantine in qualified quarantine hotels.

※ Fees for you to pay after the entry in Taiwan (are subject to changes): 

1.         Apply for SIM card for mobile phone: About NT$1000 (credit card or cash).

2.         A Quarantine hotel costs NT$1700~3000 per day (meals are included) which will depend on how many rooms are available and when you                      come to Taiwan. We'll help with booking. Please do not book your hotel by yourself!

3.         The pick-up fee from Taoyuan International Airport to the quarantine hotel in Taichung costs NT$1080 (credit card or cash).


*This special entry and procedure is only for those Chinese language students who have not yet arrived in Taiwan. It is not applicable to the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES) and MOFA Scholarship students.