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For the first culture class of 2021 Fall semester, it is our pleasure to invite the very well-known teacher of dough figurines in Taiwan, 巫俊德, to our center for being the instructor of the culture class.

In addition to being able to gaining more knowledge about the historical background of dough figurines, students were able to have the chance to make their own dough figurines.

By following the instructions given by the teacher, before the class ended, every student had completed their own featured works respectively. Furthermore, the students even used their creative ideas to add more decorations on their figurines in order to make them look much more splendid!


              (Picture 1)  Students and their dough figurines                                 (Picture 2)  Instructions given by the instructor


                 (Picture 3)  Students and their dough figurines                                 (Picture 4)  Students' creative works