TOCFL Empowerment Class is specialized for students who plan to undertake the TOCFL preparation. The class will be emphasized in the implementation of task-based instruction and problem-based learning teaching method.

There will be exercises of listening and oral conversation by watching movies, reading news and listening to local radio programs to get familiar with the speed of Chinese is spoken in daily-use. TOCFL mock test will be also given during the class for student to know well the test format and the answering methods.


The Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) is a set of standardized language proficiency tests developed for non-native speakers of Chinese. It is divided into four sub-tests: TOCFL Listening, TOCFL Reading, TOCFL Speaking, and TOCFL Writing. There are currently three proficiency bands: Band A, Band B, and Band C, 3 and at each band a pass may be awarded at one of two levels making a total of six levels: Level 1 to Level 6.

How to prepare TOCFL→

Application deadline and semester schedules are as follows: 


Application Deadline

Registration Day Placement Test

Session Dates


2020 Spring





2020 Summer





2020 Fall






Course type

Class type

Tuition fee


Empowerment Class (10-15 students)

NTD16,000(NTD133/per class)-Summer

Summer (15 classes/week*8weeks)

NTD32,000(NTD133/per class)-Spring/Fall

Spring & Fall (15 classes/week*16 weeks)


2020 Spring semester TOCFL Empowerment Class register now! (Online application)

Please email to CLC to confirm your application after your submission :

Tunghai University Chinese language center offers Chinese course from beginners to advanced level. There are spring, summer and fall semester each year.

Along with the regular Chinese course, there are international buddy and teaching assistant to help our student with their study.

 3 classes per day, from Monday to Friday, 15 hours a week

  1. Spring& fall semester are 4 months course (240 hours); Summer semester is 2 months course(120 hours)
  2. TOCFL Empowerment Class(10-15 people)
  3. Two session of the Chinese course: morning from 9:10-12:00/afternoon from 13:10-14:00
  4. Level assessment: On the registration day, there will be Chinese proficiency test. Class level decided according to students' test results.
  5. Cultural activities and language exchange activities every season, including field trip every semester.
  6. Events such as speech contest, writing and photo contest, final performance will be held during the semester
  7. We offer equal trainings on the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We teach pinyin and we only teach and use traditional characters.

For further information, please email: