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Tunghai University was founded in 1955 in Taichung City, a location with convenient transportation and favorable geographic positioning, thanks to the efforts of the Taiwanese educational community and church members passionate about education. In 1970, to serve the foreign families associated with the university, the first Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture Education Research Center in central Taiwan was established on the Tunghai University campus. The center has now been in operation for over 50 years. Located amidst lush trees, flowering plants, and the chirping of birds, the center offers an ideal environment for language learning.

As international education at Tunghai University gradually advanced and Chinese language education became more widespread throughout Taiwan, an increasing number of international students and foreigners chose Tunghai for cultural exchange and academic interaction. The Tunghai University Mandarin Center not only offers Chinese language courses to international exchange students but also provides opportunities for foreigners to learn Chinese. Furthermore, in response to the contemporary educational trend of "no boundaries in classrooms, limitless learning," the center also offers online Mandarin courses for foreigners living overseas.

Additionally, in response to the growing domestic emphasis on learning and teaching the Chinese language, the center initiated a "Chinese Teacher Training Program" in 1981, providing training courses for those aspiring to become excellent Chinese language teachers or those interested in teaching Chinese. In 2020, the center was the first in central Taiwan to launch an "Online Chinese Teacher Training Program," further promoting teacher training in Chinese language education within the country.