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 ‧ Teaching Characteristics


A. Small classes with tailored teaching based on individual student needs.
B. Classes divided by proficiency level (each term includes fixed classes for zero-level beginners, elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels).
C. Collaboration with Chinese language teacher training class members, providing guidance mechanisms to help students overcome academic challenges while also enhancing practical teaching experience for teacher trainees.

D. Diverse curriculum content combined with a variety of extracurricular activities for a rich learning experience.

Teacher Structure:

  A. Senior teachers: Over ten years of teaching experience, possessing Chinese language teaching certificates issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.
B. New teachers: Possess teaching licenses issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan and Chinese language teaching certificates, most with master's degrees or higher.
C. Teaching assistants: Seed teachers at the center who have received comprehensive Chinese language teaching training.

Student Structure:

  Students come from various backgrounds and hail from all five continents. They include exchange students from partner schools, foreign missionaries, international business professionals stationed in Taiwan, and general foreign residents.