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Center Philosophy – Emphasizing both teaching and learning, integrating education into life and connecting with academia

The center values the interaction between language teaching and life experiences, aiming for students to apply what they learn to practical life. We care about students' learning outcomes and are happy to assist students with various learning needs in achieving their set learning goals.

Additionally, we emphasize the continuous growth of our teachers. Teaching materials and methods must be improved and supplemented according to the times. The teaching challenges faced by Chinese language teachers must also be discussed and exchanged with various experts.

Pronunciation, vocabulary, and semantics form the foundation of language acquisition. Cognitive knowledge is the key to understanding language learning functions and is also an important basis for the development of teaching materials and teaching methods. Therefore, the center periodically holds teacher development seminars, facilitating cooperation at the academic level to drive collaboration at the practical teaching level. The combination of practice and theory creates a win-win situation and is the center's goal for cultivating teachers and improving teaching quality.