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Workforce Development Agency website:

Application condition

Foreign students who have studied for more than one year (12 months, 3 hours/day, 15 hours/week)



Required documents

1. Application Form of Work Permit for Foreign Students, Overseas Chinese Students and Ethnic Chinese Students (link)

2. One copy of both sides of student ID card (please paste on the Application Form) and certificate of study.

3. Transcript for the past one year. The transcript from previous school is needed for transferring students.

4. One copy of passport.

5. Foreign students shall provide one of the related documents of the following items or special language ability prove document.
  • Practical prove of financial difficulty in supporting living and study.
  • The studying school’s research unit has the need of foreign student to participate in the assistance works.
  • Related to the student’s major and it is necessary to practice learning outside the school.
*The work permit is valid for 6 months. The maximum working hours should not exceed 20 hours per week except winter and summer vacation.



Checking up by CLC

  • Fill out the application form and submit it with related documents to CLC office.
  • CLC will stamp and inform students to pick up your application.



Sending out completed application to the Workforce Development Agency

1. Mail out on a registered mail.

  1) Please wire the processing fee NT$100 in the post office.

  • Remittee's Name: 勞動部勞動力發展署聘僱許可收費專戶
  • Account No.: 19058848

  2) Mail to:

  • Mailing address: (10042)台北市中正區中華路一段 39 號 10 樓
  • Receiver's name: 勞動力發展署(申請外國留學生、僑生及華裔學生工作證)收

2. Sent out by yourself.

Deliver the completed application documents to the Workforce Development Agency and pay the processing fee NT$100 to: Address: (10042)台北市中正區中華路一段 39 號 10 樓收件櫃台



Pick-up your work permit

1.By mail

The Workforce Development Agency will mail the work permit to you.

2.Pick up by yourself

When applying, Please fill in “親自領件申明書” (Download) if you wish to pick up the work permit by yourself. Fail to pick up before the deadline, the Workforce Development Agency will send it to you by registered mail.



Re-apply work permit

When the work permit is nearly expired, you can apply again.