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Visa and Resident Visa
1. What sorts of visas are available to travellers to Taiwan ? 
A : 14 day landing visa; 30, 60, and 90 day tourist visas; 180 day resident visa (applicant must prove that they have family or a spouse in Taiwan ); besides this, visas can be single entry or multiple entry, and can be extendable or not. Thus, students must be very mindful that they arrange the proper visa.
2. How do I arrange a resident permit? Where do I apply? 
A: Students should arrive in Taiwan with a tourist visa to study Chinese. After studying for four months, they can go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to change their visa to a resident visa, and then go to the Taichung National Immigration Agency to apply for a Residence Permit (this requires 7 working days). For addresses and locations of the MOFA and the Taichung National Immigration Agency, please ask us at the CLC.

What information do I need when applying for a Residence Permit? 
A: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires proof of study, proof of attendance, an application form, two passport sized photos, proof of financial resources, tuition receipt for at least 4 months of study, a study plan, academic transcript, and the results of a medical examination. The Taichung National Immigration Agency requires a fee of NT1000, passport and passport photocopy, and proof of study.


What must a holder of a Residence Permit or Visitor Visa do if they wish to leave the country? 
A: Those holding a Residence Permit must go to the Police Department to arrange a re-entry visa. The applicant must provide proof of study, passport, and their student card. The re-entry visa will be provided immediately. Holders of tourist visas must apply for a new tourist visa while abroad, in order to be granted re-entry.


International Phone Calls

How do I make international phone calls? 
A: First find a public phone that can make international calls and use an international calling card. Dial 002+ the country code, area code and telephone number. (Tunghai Campus has several phones that can make international calls. They are located in the hallway outside the CLC, in Tunghai Alumni Hall, at the door of the Women's Residence, and between the Men's Residence buildings 8 and 10.)

2. Where can I buy a phonecard? 
A: At Tunghai's Caves Bookstore and any 7-11. The convenience stores near Alumni Hall and the Women's Dormitory all sell phonecards.
3. Can I use the CLC's phone? 
A: The CLC's phone is only to be used for official business. If students need to make calls, there are two public phones outside the CLC in the hallway. Both can be used to make calls within Taiwan and internationally



Will everyone get a place in residence? 
A: According to University policies, foreign students must wait until after the undergraduate application period is over before being able to apply for residence themselves. Once undergraduates have been assigned beds, any remaining beds will be made available to foreign students. Thus, students seeking a bed in residence must take their student card to the Men's or Women's dormitory and apply after the registration date. (Beds will be available for exchange students during the undergraduate application period)

2. How much are the residence fees per semester? Are the fees the same for new and old residence buildings? 
A: Fees for one semester in the old residence are NT6300, and in the new residence fees are NT9600. In the summer term, each week is NT 380 in the old building, and each day is NT 200 in the new building.

What are the facilities like in the residence? What can I do if I need a kitchen? What is the procedure? 
A: Residence provides a desk, wardrobe, and public bathroom facilities, but not kitchen facilities. Preparing food within residence is prohibited. However, restaurants on campus provide breakfast from 7 to 9am, lunch from 11 to 130pm, and dinner from 5 to 7pm.

4. What can be done if I have problems with my roommate? 
A: If problems or quarrels arise between roommates, they may approach the building don to help them resolve the issue.


Temporary Accommodations (from Tunghai Alumni Hall)
Phone Number: 04-2359-2134, 04-23591351-2, or 04-23590121 ext.37755-7
1. What are the rates at Alumni Hall?
A : 
Room Type Regular Days Holidays 
Double Room NT1800 NT2000
Four Person Room NT1400 NT1600
Extra Large Four Person Room NT1500 NT1700
2. What are the facilities like at Alumni Hall? 
A: Alumni Hall provides a room, bed, and bathroom.
3. How early can I make reservations? 
A: Reservations can be made 2 months in advance.
4. Is the reception desk open 24 hours? 
A: Yes.
5. Can I make calls from my room? What about international calls? 
A: Non-long distance calls can be made from rooms, and will be charged to the occupant. Long distance and international calls cannot be made from these phones.
6. Are there laundry facilities at Alumni Hall? 
A: Alumni Hall provides a laundry service, but guests must pay to have their clothes delivered to the cleaners and washed.
7. Can I smoke in the room? 
A: No. Rooms are non smoking.>
8. Is there a restaurant within Alumni Hall? 
A: There is a restaurant and a 7-11 adjoining Alumni Hall, both of which provide meals and beverages.


1. Where can I use a computer? 
A: Tunghai provides students access to wireless Internet. In areas where wireless networks are available, you can use your THU-NID code to access the network and enjoy the convenience of wireless access. The Computing Centre in the Science building provides access to computers from 8:00am to 5:00pm. CLC's Computer Classroom is also available to students when the classroom is not set aside for classes. You can register at the office.
2. What input methods are available on the computers? 
A: Usually English and Chinese input methods are both available.
3. Does Tunghai provide exchange students with email addresses (THU-NID addresses)? 
A: According to university policy, email address applicants or those who use Tunghai's computer network are provided an email address upon registration.
4. How do I use my own computer in residence? 
A: You need only prepare an Internet cable and have a THU-NID code, and you can apply for Internet access at the residence office.
5. Can I use the CLC's computers and printers? 
A: The CLC has computers specifically for student use. Students must pay to use the printers.



1. Are there banks on campus? What are the hours? 
A: There is a MEGA International Commercial Bank on campus, open Monday to Friday, 930am to 1200pm, excepting holidays.
2. What do I need to open an account? 
A: You need a passport and an identification number (which you can apply for at the Immigration Agency), a photocopy of your visa or a resident certificate.
3. How do I use an ATM? 
A: Put your card in, enter your pin number, and select the appropriate options to complete your business.
4. Can I make withdrawals at convenience stores? 
A: Presently withdrawals can be made at some convenience stores, and many banks also operate ATMs that can process inter-branch withdrawals. It is very convenient.
5. What is the fee to use another bank's ATM to process a withdrawal? 
A: The fee is NT7
6. Can I exchange foreign currency in Taiwan ? What currencies? 
A: Tunghai's MEGA International Commercial Bank offers exchange services. You can excUS dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Canada dollars, Euros, Thailand Baht, Yen , New Zealand Dollars, and Singapore Dollars. But, the MEGA International Commercial Bank branch on campus requires one day to process these transactions.
7 What do I need to bring when I exchange foreign currency? 
A: Bring your passport. The bank will provide a form for you to fill out.
8 Is there a bank at the airport? Can I exchange currency there? 
A: There is a Taiwan Bank at the airport, which provides foreign currency to NT dollars exchange services.


Driver’s License
1. Can I drive a car or ride a motorbike or scooter in Taiwan ? 
A: To drive a car or motorcycle in Taiwan , you need a national driver's license, or an international driver's license. For those using international driver's licenses, or licenses from their native country, you must refer to the reciprocal arrangement between Taiwan and your home country regarding driver's licenses. If Taiwanese driver's licenses are valid in your home country, than licenses from your home country will be valid in Taiwan .
2. Can I use an international driver's license in Taiwan ? 
A: An international driver's license can be used for one month in Taiwan , after which a new license must be applied for.
3. Supposing I want to take the driver's test in Taiwan , where do I go? 
A: You can go to a local Department of Motor Vehicles to take a test. For the address of the centre nearest you, ask us at the CLC.
4. About how much does the test cost, and what do I have to prepare? 
A: There is a fee of NT90 for the physical exam and NT400 for the road test, for a total of NT490 to take the motorcycle license test. Bring three passport-sized photos, a valid residence permit, a helmet, motorcycle registration and insurance card.
5. What are the contents of the test? 
A: The content varies by the size of the motorcycle. The 50cc light bike test only requires a written test. For scooters above 50cc, the test includes a written as well as a road test. You must bring your own motorcycle and helmet for the road test. You can purchase booklets of exam questions from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
6. How will I take the test if I can't read Chinese? 
A: If foreigners cannot read Chinese, they can bring a translator, however the translator must bring an ID card or Passport. Or, you may take the test in English.
7 What do I need to bring when I exchange foreign currency? 
A: Bring your passport. The bank will provide a form for you to fill out.
8 Is there a bank at the airport? Can I exchange currency there? 
A: There is a Taiwan Bank at the airport, which provides foreign currency to NT dollars exchange services.


1. What insurance is offered in Taiwan , and how much does it cost? 
A: National Health Insurance, which costs NT659 per month.
2. What is the procedure for seeing the doctor? 
A: If you have just applied for National Health Insurance coverage, ask for a receipt and your doctor's diagnosis, then send these documents to the National Health Insurance office to receive reimbursement. If you have already received your health card and insurance, then you need only bring your card with you to the clinic to arrange coverage.
3. What if I have an accident or emergency, such as a car accident or illness, how can I get assistance? 
A: During business hours (8:00 to 5:00pm), call 04-23590259 to reach the CLC. The Drillmaster's office is open 24 hours a day, phone: 04-23590303.
4. Where is the Hospital?
A: There are two large hospitals directly opposite Tunghai University. One is Taichung Veterans Hospital (tel:04-2359-2525), and the other is Cheng Ching Hospital (tel:04-2463-2000). Besides this, there is also a medical clinic on campus. You can check the CLC’s bulletin board to find the hours of the campus clinic. The hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Student ID Card
1.  What if I have lost my student ID card?
A: Go to the CLC office and fill out the Lost ID Application Form and pay 200NT.
2.  What else can the student ID be used for?
A: The student ID needed for entering the dorm and for borrowing books from the library. If your card has the EasyCard symbol on the back, then you can add money to it at any convenience store, such as 7-11, and take any bus in Taichung or Taipei. It can also be used to ride the Taipei MRT or purchase items at any shop that accepts the EasyCard.
3.  If I am going back to my home country, how can I get a refund for the money left on the student ID card?
A: You can get a refund by going to the UBUS Transfer Station (87 Zhonggang Road, Sec. 3, Taichung City).
4.  For further information about adding money to your Studend ID card, please go to: