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There is a small medical clinic on Tunghai campus that offers basic medical services. Taichung Veteran's Hospital, Taichung 's largest hospital, is directly across the street from Tunghai and offers complete medical services. Within a ten-minute bus or cab ride from Tunghai are many western and Chinese medical clinics that offer drop-in services.

As for medical insurance, students are advised to purchase accident and medical insurance before coming to Taiwan or join the insurance which is provided by Chinese Language Center (NT$130 per month) . In Taiwan , only students who have held a resident visa for six months are eligible for Taiwanese National Health Insurance.




Name Student Insurance Prospectus
Requirements CLC Students
Every month insurance premium NT$ 180/month;Full paid on the registration day.
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Name National Health Insurance
  1. The National Health Insurance Act stipulates that foreigners who are legal residents of Taiwan (including those from Hong Kong and Macau) must either be registered in the health insurance program by their employer starting the day they are employed or enroll in the program on their own six months after the day they obtain legal residency.
  2. Foreign students can apply to enroll in the program through their school after a continuous residence within Taiwan for six months.


·         居留證明文件有效期限內出境者,其出境預定超過6個月以上,得依健保法施行細則第37條及第39條規定,選擇辦理停保,入境時辦理復保。

1.     選擇繼續投保:不須申請,證件效期內出境不受離境日數之限制,可以持續投保,繼續繳納保險費,於國外發生緊急傷病或分娩,應於就醫後6個月內,填送自墊醫療費用核退申請書,併同醫療費用收據正本、費用明細及診斷書,並影印護照上當次出入境紀錄等資料,向投保單位所在地的健保署業務組申請核退醫療費用。

2.     選擇辦理停保後出國,在國外期間不能辦理復保,亦不能申請核退醫療費用,須等到返國並自返國之日辦理復保後,才能享有健保醫療權益,返國復保後,欲再次出國,應於復保屆滿3個月,重新申請停保。

Reference link Bureau of National Health Insurance