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In addition to accepting individual applications for enrollment, our center designs 2- to 8-week language and culture courses specifically for international university students participating in short-term study programs. The course design is lively and dynamic, with content that can be adjusted according to the needs of each institution. In addition to Chinese language classes, the program includes cultural experience courses and weekend excursions.

We regularly collaborate with schools such as Lingnan University in Hong Kong, Whitman College in the United States, sister schools in Japan, Hoa Sen University in Vietnam, and Mahidol University in Thailand.

Teaching Features:
1. Life-Oriented Teaching Materials: Designed for short-term visitors to Taiwan, the life-oriented teaching materials are highly practical and functional, guiding them to quickly integrate into local life and culture.
2. Cultural Experience in Classroom Activities: Diverse and interesting educational activities are designed in line with the course content, allowing small group practice where students experience Chinese culture while learning the language.
3. Large Class with Grouped Tutoring: The main instructor guides the course and demonstrates the lessons, while teaching assistants conduct group exercises according to different levels. This method balances professional quality with individual attention, showing high flexibility in teaching.
4. Post-Class Tutoring by Teaching Assistants: Short-term study students often need to complete assignments from their home country teachers. Teaching assistants provide support and guidance tailored to the specific needs of each student.


Course Content:

1. Mandarin Language Course: Students are grouped according to their language proficiency, learning in small classes with a comprehensive language teaching system. Besides classroom learning, the course includes extracurricular activities such as visits to traditional markets, night markets, and museums.
2. Traveling in Taiwan to Learn Chinese - A Cultural Journey: Weekend trips are arranged, combining history, culture, and leisure travel to allow students to understand local Taiwanese culture. Through interactions with local people, students experience the warmth and customs of Taiwan.
3. Cultural Experience Classes: Combining local culture, activities such as dragon beard candy DIY, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, paper cutting art, face painting, and Chinese knotting are organized.