Rule Accordance

International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan 


Student Eligibility & Age

Applicants are above 18 years old or with high school education diploma can apply for the group class courses. Student who is under 18 years old is more suggested to apply for one-on-one course.


Application Deadlines and Semester-Start

Each year the Chinese Language Center offers three semester-long programs, namely, fall, spring, and summer. Fall and spring semesters are 16 weeks long, and summer is 8 weeks long. The regular group class schedule is from 9:10-12:00 or 13:10-16:00, from Monday to Friday.


Application deadline and semester schedules are as follows: 


Application Deadline

Registration Day Placement Test

Session Dates


2020 Spring





2020 Summer





2020 Fall






All the applicants who apply for the group class of Chinese courses must attend the placement test in the registration day (please bring your own earphone).


Tuition Fees

The Center offers three terms of Mandarin Chinese study in the fall semester, spring semester, and summer term. Both the fall and spring semesters are 16 weeks long, whereas the summer term spans 8 weeks. The program tuition is determined by class size and length of study. The group-class tuition for the fall, spring, and summer programs and fees (per class) for private classes are listed as follows:

The fees listed below are based on 15 hours per week. The applicant can only register for certain hours depending on the individual learner’s needs and goals.



Class Type





Private Class (Individual)


per person/50mins per class

Private Class (2 people)


per person/50mins per class

Group class

(5-8 students)



Summer (15 classes/week*8weeks)



Spring & Fall (15 classes/week*16 weeks)


Empowerment Class (10-15 students)


(NT$130/ class)

Summer (15 classes/week*8weeks)


(NT$130/ class)

Spring & Fall (15 classes/week*16 weeks)

Elective course

Taiwanese Language


Summer (2 classes*8 weeks)


Spring & Fall (2 classes*16 weeks)

Business Chinese

(B1-C2 level)


Summer (2 classes*8 weeks)


Spring & Fall (2 classes*16 weeks)



Summer (3 classes*8 weeks)


Spring & Fall (3 classes*16 weeks)




Please note

1. All foreign students who come to Taiwan to study Chinese with visitor visa (FR type) are required to register for a minimum of 15 hours per week to maintain their qualification of visa extension.

2. There will be extra fee for textbook and insurance.

3. The elective courses are only available at least 5 or more people register in.


Application Methods and Necessary Documents

  1. Fill in the  2020 Spring semester online applicatoin form
  2. Prepare the necessary documents with scanned files and email to



The necessary document includes:

  • 2" inch passport style photo
  • Photocopy of the photo ID page in your passport
  • Photocopy of highest-degree diploma
  • Health check report (C Form)
  • Preferable Chinese name
  1. Chest X-Ray check for Tuberculosis.
  2. Proof of positive Measles and Rubella Antibody Titers or Measles and Rubella Immunization Certificates.
  3. The health check can be done after you arrive in Taiwan.
  • Proof of financial support in English
  1. A financial statement issued within 3 months that shows an ending balance exceeding USD 2,500 or its equivalent.
  2. If using a family member's financial statement, please ask her or him to write a guarantor letter stating willingness to support your stay in Taiwan.
  3. USD$1,600 in available funds will be required for candidates of HES(Huayu Enrichment Scholarship)
  4. Those intending to stay in Taiwan for more than 180 days must apply for a resident visa.

A resident visa application must include proof of financial support. If you are receiving a remittance, you must provide proof of kinship with the provider (e.g. a marriage certificate, a birth certificate with parents' names, etc.) and a remittance record.

When showing proof of financial support, if you wish to first deposit your remittance into a Taiwanese bank account, then please wire the money. If depositing cash, you must provide proof of currency exchange from your bank.

Money deposited any other way will not be accepted by the foreign office.

  • Foreign language certification(Only Vietnamese applicants need to provide this certification)
  1. TOCFL Level 1+ (LINK)
  2. TOEFL-iBT 26+ or pBT 385+
  3. TOEIC 375+
  4. IELTS 3.0+
  • If you do not need to apply for a visitor visa for studying Chinese, Please provide one of the following:
  1. One photocopy of your ARC
  2. One photocopy of working holiday visa
  3. One photocopy of tourist visa