Dear CLC student,


Please find the attachment of the placement results, please remember your class code and find your course starting time and class room in the classroom information attachment.


Class room code with LAN103-X is located inside the language center.

Class room code with LAN206、LAN207 is located on the second floor at the language center.

Class room code with LAN104 is at the corner of the language center

Class room code with H120、H121 ís at the Humanities building(grey building) next to the language center.


※ Please note, change class request will start from 3/4(Wed), students need to get the change class permission from your original class teacher as well as the teacher from the class that you want to change to. You need to get your attendance list from your original teacher and come to the office to get a blue sheet before you attend the new class.


If there’s conflict with your time schedule, student will need to present your Employee Certificate or your other degree program course schedule.