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QuestionHow do I make international phone calls?
AnswerFirst find a public phone that can make international calls and use an international calling card. Dial 002+ the country code, area code and telephone number. (Tunghai Campus has several phones that can make international calls. They are located in the hallway outside the CLC, in Tunghai Alumni Hall, at the door of the Women's Residence, and between the Men's Residence buildings 8 and 10.)
QuestionWhere can I buy a phonecard?
AnswerAt Tunghai's Caves Bookstore and any 7-11. The convenience stores near Alumni Hall and the Women's Dormitory all sell phonecards.
QuestionCan I use the CLC's phone?
AnswerThe CLC's phone is only to be used for official business. If students need to make calls, there are two public phones outside the CLC in the hallway. Both can be used to make calls within Taiwan and internationally


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