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QuestionCan I drive a car or ride a motorbike or scooter in Taiwan ?
AnswerTo drive a car or motorcycle in Taiwan , you need a national driver's license, or an international driver's license. For those using international driver's licenses, or licenses from their native country, you must refer to the reciprocal arrangement between Taiwan and your home country regarding driver's licenses. If Taiwanese driver's licenses are valid in your home country, than licenses from your home country will be valid in Taiwan.(http://www.thb.gov.tw/TM/Menus/new_english/index2-3.html)
QuestionCan I use an international driver's license in Taiwan ?
AnswerAn international driver's license can be used for one month in Taiwan , after which a new license must be applied for.
QuestionSupposing I want to take the driver's test in Taiwan , where do I go?
AnswerYou can go to a local Department of Motor Vehicles to take a test. For the address of the centre nearest you, ask us at the CLC.
QuestionAbout how much does the test cost, and what do I have to prepare?
AnswerThere is a fee of NT90 for the physical exam and NT400 for the road test, for a total of NT490 to take the motorcycle license test. Bring three passport-sized photos, a valid residence permit, a helmet, motorcycle registration and insurance card.
QuestionWhat are the contents of the test?
AnswerThe content varies by the size of the motorcycle. The 50cc light bike test only requires a written test. For scooters above 50cc, the test includes a written as well as a road test. You must bring your own motorcycle and helmet for the road test. You can purchase booklets of exam questions from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
QuestionHow will I take the test if I can't read Chinese?
AnswerIf foreigners cannot read Chinese, they can bring a translator, however the translator must bring an ID card or Passport. Or, you may take the test in English.


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