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QuestionAre there banks on campus? What are the hours?
AnswerThere is a MEGA International Commercial Bank on campus, open Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 12:30pm, excepting holidays.
QuestionWhat do I need to open an account?
AnswerYou need a passport and an identification number (which you can apply for at the Immigration Agency), a photocopy of your visa or a resident certificate.
QuestionHow do I use an ATM?
AnswerPut your card in, enter your pin number, and select the appropriate options to complete your business.
QuestionCan I make withdrawals at convenience stores?
AnswerPresently withdrawals can be made at some convenience stores, and many banks also operate ATMs that can process inter-branch withdrawals. It is very convenient.
QuestionWhat is the fee to use another bank's ATM to process a withdrawal?
AnswerThe fee is NT7
QuestionCan I exchange foreign currency in Taiwan ? What currencies?
AnswerTunghai's MEGA International Commercial Bank offers exchange services. You can exchange US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Canada dollars, Euros, Thailand Baht, Yen , New Zealand Dollars, and Singapore Dollars. But, the MEGA International Commercial Bank branch on campus requires one day to process these transactions.
QuestionWhat do I need to bring when I exchange foreign currency?
AnswerBring your passport. The bank will provide a form for you to fill out.
QuestionIs there a bank at the airport? Can I exchange currency there?
AnswerThere is a Taiwan Bank at the airport, which provides foreign currency to NT dollars exchange services.


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