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QuestionWhat sorts of visas are available to travelers to Taiwan ?
Answer14 day landing visa; 30, 60, and 90 day tourist visas; 180 day resident visa (applicant must prove that they have family or a spouse in Taiwan ); besides this, visas can be single entry or multiple entry, and can be extendable or not. Thus, students must be very mindful that they arrange the proper visa.
QuestionHow do I arrange a resident permit? Where do I apply?
AnswerStudents should arrive in Taiwan with a tourist visa to study Chinese. After studying for four months, they can go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to change their visa to a resident visa, and then go to the Taichung National Immigration Agency to apply for a Residence Permit (this requires 7 working days). For addresses and locations of the MOFA and the Taichung National Immigration Agency, please ask us at the CLC.
QuestionWhat information do I need when applying for a Residence Permit?
AnswerThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires proof of study, proof of attendance, an application form, two passport sized photos, proof of financial resources, tuition receipt for at least 4 months of study, a study plan, academic transcript, and the results of a medical examination. The Taichung National Immigration Agency requires a fee of NT 1,000, passport and passport photocopy, and proof of study.
QuestionWhat must a holder of a Residence Permit or Visitor Visa do if they wish to leave the country?
AnswerThose holding a Residence Permit is a re-entry visa. You can re-entry during the period of stay. Holders of single tourist visas must apply for a new tourist visa while abroad, in order to be granted re-entry.


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