Application Information

Rule Accordance
Student Eligibility & Age
Applicants are above 18 years old or with high school education diploma can apply for the group class courses. If you are not qualified, you can only apply for the private class courses.
Application Deadlines and Semester-Start
Each year the Chinese Language Center offers three semester-long programs, namely, fall, spring, and summer. Fall and spring semesters are 16 weeks long, and summer is 8 weeks long. The regular group class time is 9:10-12:00 or 13:10-16:00, from Monday to Friday. Application deadline and semester schedules are as follows: 


Application Deadline

Registration Day Placement Test

Session Dates


2018 Summer





2018 Fall





2019 Spring





2019 Summer





1. All the applicants who apply for the group class of Chinese courses must attend the placement test in the registration day (please bring your own earphone).
Tuition Fees
The Center offers three terms of Mandarin Chinese study in the fall semester, spring semester, and summer term. Both the fall and spring semesters are 16 weeks long, whereas the summer term spans 8 weeks. The program tuition is determined by class size and length of study. The group-class tuition for the fall, spring, and summer programs and fees (per class) for private classes are listed as follows:
The fees listed below are based on 15 hours per week. The applicant can only register for certain hours depending on the individual learner’s needs and goals.
The tuition will be adjusted by July, 2017
Class Type
Private Class (Individual)
per person/50mins per class
Private Class (2 people)
per person/50mins per class
Private Class (3-4 people)
per person/50mins per class
Group class
(Maximum 7 students)
Summer (15 classes/week*8weeks)
Spring & Fall (15 classes/week*16 weeks)
Taiwanese Language
Summer (5 classes*8 weeks)
Spring & Fall (5 classes*16 weeks)
Summer (3 classes*8 weeks)
Spring & Fall (3 classes*16 weeks)
Dramatic literature
Depends on the amount of people register for it
Singing in Chinese
Depends on the amount of people register for it
Please note
1. All foreign students who come to Taiwan to study Chinese are required to register for a minimum of 15 hours per week to maintain their student visa status.
2. The above quotation includes only registration fee and tuition fee (Chinese classes and culture classes), and it doesn’t include other extra fee, e.g. textbook fee and insurance fee.
3. The amount of money above are counted by NTD.
4. The elective courses are only available to take with requirement at least 5 or more people register for it.
Application Methods and Necessary Documents
2. Prepare the necessary documents and send to the following address physically by the deadline to complete the application procedure: Tunghai University, Taichung City, box 898. Or make the scanned files and email to clc@thu.edu.tw.
(1) 2" inches passport style photo
(2) Photocopy of the photo ID page in your passport
(3) Photocopy of highest-degree diploma
(4) Chest X-Ray check for Tuberculosisproof of positive Measles and Rubella Antibody Titers or Measles and Rubella Immunization Certificates.
(From September, 2015, all the students who will study in our center over 3 months need to provide this certification.)
(You can do Chest X-Ray check when you arrive Taiwan.)
(4-1) Antibody Test: including Measles antibody titer and Rubella antibody titer.
(4-2) Immunization Certificate: information provided must include date of immunization and the name of the hospital/clinic administering the vaccine or the signature of the physician administering the vaccine. If childhood immunization records are submitted, only those showing the vaccines administered after age one are accepted.
(4-3) Proof of being not fit for vaccination: requiring physician’s diagnosis result showing contraindications.
(5) According to what type of visa you have, please submit other relate documents (for the reference is below)
A. If you need to apply the visitor visa for studying Chinese purpose (the code is FR). (The visitor visa extension will base on the certificate of Enrollment and Attendance report.)
A-1. Proof of financial support in English, which proves at least USD$3,000 in available funds. (USD$1,600 in available funds will be required for candidates of HES (Huayu Enrichment Scholarship))
If it's not your personal savings, you need the proof of the relationship (marriage certificate, bith certificate with parents' information, etc.) which has to be authenticated and the remit record.
A-2. Provide one of the foreign language certification. (Only Vietnamese applicants need to provide this certification) (LINK)
a. TOCFL Level 1+ (LINK)
b. TOEFL-iBT 26+ or pBT 385+
c. TOEIC 375+
d. IELTS 3.0+
B. If you do not need to apply the visitor visa for studying Chinese (e.g. who comes to Taiwan with a working holiday visa or tourist visa (60 or 90 days visa, non-extendable) or have had an ARC):
B-1. One photocopy of your visa or ARC
Please note
1. Please submit all the relate documents, and add on in a month. For the require document is incomplete over than a month, the applicant will be disqualified.
2. If you have any further questions regarding the application process, please inform us.
3. People who hold Designated Countries visa can’t apply visitor visa for studying Chinese purpose


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