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Personal Information Collection Statement 
1.      此聲明書旨在告知,您的個人資料於「個人資料保護法」下的權利。
This is a statement to inform you of your rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
2.      您於入學申請表上所提供的個人資料,將會用於註冊、保險、學生證資料管理、宿舍門禁管理等用途。所收集的個人資料除了用於上述用途之外,亦用作:
(a)      提供姓名、出生月日、學校名稱、學號/職員编、卡片外觀號碼給悠遊卡公司,作為記名卡掛失等相關服務之用。
(b)      申請者的基本資料管理。
(c)       申請者身份確認、成績紀錄、註冊紀錄及其他資訊。
(d)      申請者的正式就學紀錄。根據華語中心相關規定,將所提供的個人資料用於與就學相關之用途。
Personal information is provided by you as an applicant through the completion of application procedures and forms designated for various purposes, e.g. for admission to a program of study, for student insurance, for the issuance of your student registration card, and for hall admissions. Data collected are used specifically for the purposes prescribed in the application forms and will serve
(a)      as report the loss of your student card to the EasyCard Company. We will provide your name, birthday, school name, student ID and student card number to the EasyCard Company.
(b)      as a basis for selection of applications;
(c)       as evidence for verification of the applicant’s identity, examination results, academic records and other information; and
(d)      where applicable, as part of the applicant’s official student records.
In the case of (c) above, information so incorporated into student records will be used for all purposes relating to the student’s studies as required by the relevant regulations and procedures of the Chinese Language Center (CLC).
3.      個人資料將會由華語中心行政人員妥善保管,亦有可能會將部份資料交給負責入學事務的相關人員。
Personal data will be kept confidential and handled by the CLC’s staff members. The CLC may transfer some of the data to an agent or other persons appointed to undertake some of its academic and administrative functions.
4.      基於「個人資料保護法」,您有權利向華語中心索取、複印、刪除或更正您的個人資料。
Under the provisions of the Ordinance, you have the right to request the CLC to ascertain whether it holds your personal data, to be given a copy, to delete, and to apply for correction of the data, if deemed incorrect.


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